Full and partial prostheses

Full prostheses

Replacing missing teeth is important for cosmetic and health reasons. There are several replacement solutions available, including a full prosthesis (dentures).

If you are missing all your teeth, dentures are a good option for replacing your teeth. This removable prosthesis is made of acrylic or composite resin. Dentures, also known as full prostheses, will give you a more attractive smile, in addition to improving your ability to chew and, consequently, to digest.

Tips for wearing dentures:

  • Chew for longer and more slowly
  • Clean your dentures using a gel, mild soap or non-abrasive paste
  • Use a soft-bristled brush
  • Brush your gums every day to remove bacteria and stimulate circulation
  • Be diligent about cleaning your dentures to prevent tartar deposits
  • Have your dentures checked regularly
  • Visit the dentist regularly to prevent bone resorption

Partial prostheses

Even if you are only missing some teeth, it is still very important to replace them. One or several missing teeth can affect your oral health and the beauty of your smile.

A partial prosthesis is used to fill the gaps. Made of artificial teeth and a resin base, it is secured to adjoining teeth using hooks.

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