Implant-supported prostheses

If you have lost all your teeth, implant-supported prostheses are a durable solution. However, you must be in good health and have sufficient bone mass to support the dental implants.

Implant-supported prostheses are very comfortable and stable, and have become increasingly popular. In addition, this type of prosthesis looks natural and enables you to chew normally.

Advantages of implant-supported prostheses:

  • Prevent bone loss and premature ageing of the face caused by the prolonged use of a prosthesis (denture)
  • Very esthetically pleasing results
  • Better digestion thanks to improved chewing
  • Very stable and durable

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Removable implant-supported prostheses

A removable implant-supported prosthesis is an excellent solution to replace missing teeth. If you have lost your teeth due to trauma, tooth decay or periodontal disease, it is important to replace any missing teeth to avoid further complications. A dental implant is a screw-shaped rod that replaces the root of a missing tooth. It prevents further bone loss and premature ageing of the face.

Making a removable implant-supported prosthesis:

  • Two to four implants are installed in the jawbone
  • A three- to six-month healing period is needed (osseointegration of the implant)
  • The removable implant-supported prosthesis is installed

Advantages of removable implant-supported prostheses:

  • Prevents loss of jawbone mass
  • Very durable and comfortable
  • Much more stable than full dentures
  • Can be removed for cleaning

There are several types of prostheses. Ask one of our team members. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Bar-retained prostheses

There are many permanent solutions to replace missing teeth, such as a bar-retained prosthesis. Dental implants are screw-shaped rods that are installed in the jawbone to replace the roots of missing teeth. A retaining bar is secured to the dental implants, on which the dental prosthesis is solidly anchored to.

Advantages of bar-retained prostheses:

  • Very comfortable and durable
  • Can be removed for cleaning
  • Improve chewing function
  • Prevent bone resorption
  • Very stable

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